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Friends only now! Andy has stalked me and flipped on psycho mode for the last time. I have him blocked from texting me, calling me, on here, and on facebook (all the avenues he harassed me tonight). I can't deal with his drunken psychosis right now. The last straw was him sending a message to my sister (after I refused to respond to him and blocked him) - flashback to last winter when he shared Wendy's picture with obscene messages attached. I'm afraid about the fact that he goes for my family when he goes into drunken attack mode. I didn't respond to anything today, except for at the end of the night when I let Alysa respond to his texts:

This is Alysa, Robyn's wife. I'm not sure how we can make this any clearer but if you continue to harass Robyn and interfere with our family, I will assume you're completely unstable and my only recourse will be to pursue legal action. We've saved everything and I will not hesitate to seek a restraining order for harassment. I will also not hesitate to contact your employer, as you don't seem all that stable right now. You're doing emotional damage here to robyn and her family. And we have a five day old baby at home. We don't need this bullshit. Just stop. Please.

What kind of depraved human being does this to a person who HAD A BABY ON TUESDAY. The last time we spoke was last December during the Wendy debacle, and the last thing I told to him was to never contact me again. This needs to stop.

Date: 2014-09-29 03:46 pm (UTC)
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Ugh ugh ugh. I've been fuming about this all night. I'm so so sorry that I even responded to that crapweasel and his "I love you both and I'm just concerned" bullshit. I've been so tempted to unblock him just to lay into him, ask him if he got the sick thrill that he was looking for by screwing with a woman who just gave birth, using her sister and nephew to do so. But as much as I'd like to tell him off, it'd probably just spur on his craving for attention, and I'm a little afraid of where he'd go with our kids in the mix. It must be a sad existence to be driven to such skeevy lengths to harass someone who has made it clear that she's done with his abuse.

Date: 2014-09-30 02:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That's pretty much what I decided in the end - any emotional response aside from CEASE AND DESIST OR ELSE LEGAL ACTION would've been exactly the carp he'd been fishing for. And I'm also scared that he'd do something terrifying and drastic now with kids in the mix - especially knowing he gives no second thought to fucking with immediate family of mine, like you and Wendy. He is a miserable human being. I'm not friends with his family-man-sunday-school-teacher brother on facebook but I sent him a long message, hoping that family will help him with an intervention (Hey, if he's going through my family, I'll go through his). Hopefully he gets it. Sorry again sis :( Infuriating and unnecessary drama from out of the depths of alcoholic nowhereland.

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